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My values come from my loving and community-oriented family. From them and through working with various volunteer organizations, I have learned that more can be accomplished by working together.  Personal bias has no place in local government - we are there to work on behalf of the City Residents. By thinking long term and through strategic planning, we will move this City forward.

Experience has taught me that you need to be prepared to take on tough challenges and make tough decisions on the City's behalf. I am prepared to do that.

Economic Development

Businesses will have the opportunity to succeed but to thrive, with the collaborative efforts of City Council and other local partners all working together. These strong relationships will encourage more businesses to open in the City of Ravenna and drive business and people to our downtown. We must continue to work with Council and the Mayor’s Office to find an Economic Development Director, so the City to can focus on these projects that will enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Infrastructure & Essential Services

- In 2016, the City of Ravenna resurfaced 7.7 lane miles (6.5% of roads). 

- In 2017, Ravenna resurfaced 11.9 lane miles (10.1% of roads)

- In 2018 Ravenna resurfaced 7.6 lane miles (6.4% of roads).

The three year total is 27.2 lane miles for a total of 23.1% of all roads within the City. 

We need to continue to invest in our roads and all of our utility programs. This can be done in a variety of ways, with one of the most important being the ability to secure grants and funding to complete these large scale projects.  

The spring cleanup is an important issue for many within our City and as long as we have a company bidding on the project & money set aside for it – I believe this is something we must pursue for City Residents.

I was the Chair of the Parks & Recreation Board and in that role I worked with the Director’s to make sure they had what they needed or to advocate on their behalf. The Parks & Recreation Department is crucial to improving the quality of life for all of our families and our Silver Sneakers members!

Public Safety

As Chair of the Public Health & Safety Committee, it is my focus to make sure Ravenna First Responders have the resources they need to do their job safely and effectively.

By working with both of our Chiefs of Police and Fire, the City is on its way to

upgrading its radio system to MARCs, a major component that will make sure our

safety forces are effective during normal and emergency situations. In the event

of a major emergency where other municipalities are called in for support,

MARCs will allow us to speak seamlessly to other Fire and Police departments.

During my time with Summit County Public Safety, I trained and worked with

local leaders to coordinate & support the emergency management system that

helped to protect lives and property during hazardous situations. I worked [with

many others] in the Emergency Operations Center to oversee major events

happening in the region such as the Republican National Convention and

Celebration for LeBron James after the 2016 NBA Championship.  This

foundation has helped immensely when working with our leaders on public


I am also a volunteer member on the Portage County Emergency Advisory Committee and the Portage County Local Emergency Planning Committee. Through these memberships, I have been able to cultivate relationships with many around the Portage County region and beyond with a focus on preparedness.

Outreach & Communication

One of the most important components of this election for me is communication. Communication is vital to making any level of government work effectively. Without communication, Council cannot function and it becomes difficult to resolve the issues facing our community.

The saying is: “showing up is half the battle” for a reason.  As Council President, residents can count on me to be at meetings and to work with the Mayor’s Office to ensure City Council members are fully aware of what is going to be on the agenda at coming meetings. While we all may have differing ideas, all members must be informed to make the critical decisions on behalf of City residents.

Communication is not only fundamental for City Council to work, but also with our residents. As your elected official, I will continue to listen to residents and businesses on how we can work together to continue to promote a positive environment for families to live in, students to learn in, and business to grow in!